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Your courses, your prices

We believe in the work of our teachers. Therefore, you will be the one who sets the prices of all your courses. You will get 70% for each purchase made.

Create discount codes and general discounts

Create unique discounts to boost your course sales. In addition, you can create discount codes based on sales volume, expiration date or geolocation.

Offers support material

Add complementary documents in various formats to any of your video lessons to enhance the content of your online course.

Free lessons

If you wish, you can set up some free lessons within your courses to give your future students a preview of your classes.

Google Analytics Integration

Besides offering you our own sales statistics and monthly reports, you can integrate your Google Analytics account into all your courses to get more data.

Private messaging with students

Your students will be able to contact you by private messaging to ask you any questions they may have during the course. You will also be able to send automatic welcome messages.

Check your students' certificates

Quickly check if a student has completed your course by verifying the unique certificate ID that Holydemia issues to each student. It will be very useful if you want to offer physical diplomas.

And much more...

Holydemia instructors are our priority. We want to offer you all the possible tools to support your professional and evangelistic work.

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