Digital evangelization requires not only authentic witnessing, but understanding that design and format play an essential role

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Our mission

Holydemia is a platform of the company Dimconex Media, which has a team lead by Dimitri Conejo Sanz, known for his evangelization projects such as Cathopic and Mater Coeli.

Some time ago, we at Dimconex Media realized that if people are getting further and further away from God it is because they are not evangelizing in a proper way.

Many Catholic businesses still do not fully understand the magnitude of the Internet and make the mistake of using web techniques that are very outdated. Twenty years ago, people were careful with their content and used to forget the most important part today: image.

Our mission is to work for the Church by offering global projects that break with what we are used to seeing in our Catholic Church. We offer high quality, professional and aesthetically pleasing platforms. In addition, we always seek to solve the different needs that any Catholic may have by offering a product whose first aim is to bring people closer to God.

Always speaking the language of men (because it is useless to pray in one world and live in another), we study each project in detail to offer people a job full of beauty and hope.

Thus we open the doors of Holydemia to everyone who wants to get more training. We want to promote the Catholic formation by adapting it to the present times, so that any Catholic in the world has access to online courses that help them on their way to holiness. All this, in deep communion with the Catholic Church Doctrine.

With Holydemia we also open the possibility to thousands of Catholic instructors who have advanced knowledge to teach their courses, providing them with all the tools they need to do so.

We want to welcome you to Holydemia. We hope that it will be a place where you can form yourself through online Catholic courses and that it will gradually become your home.

Welcome to your academy!

A multitude of online Catholic courses at your disposal at Holydemia.